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Thread: Typhoon's International Name

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    Icon5 Typhoon's International Name

    Bakit hindi ang International Name ng Typhoon ang ginagamit sa Pinas?
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    Para may tagalized version hehe not sure also. i wonder who gets to decide what name to use... Ang alam ko lang yung mga Tagalized names ng bagyo dapat daw in alphabetical order. (e.g. Ondoy, Pepeng...)
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    well siguro dapat medyo may dating yung pangalan, mabagsik, para matakot agad ang the case of ONDOY, pangalan pa lang, pag narinig mo...wala eh...Ondoy, parang tipong inuutus utusan lang sa kanto para bumili ng suka.."Ondoy!, bili ka suka sa kanto!.."Ondoy, linisin mo banyo!"...what if yung mga mabagsik na pangalan? like Demonyito, Dagul, Satanas..."Bagyong Satanas po ay mananalasa sa Hilagang parte ng Luzon.." marining mo lng yung pangalan, matatakot ka na...hehehe....:-)....JOKE!!!!!

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    Since 1963 PAGASA has independently named tropical cyclones forming in the Philippines' AOR--from 115E to 135E and from 5N to 25N (except for a portion of the northwestern corner of the above region). Even though the Philippines contributed ten names to the international list of typhoon names, PAGASA still continues to assign their own names for local use within the Philippines. It is felt that familiar names are more easily remembered in the rural areas and that having a PAGASA- assigned name helps to underscore the fact that the cyclone is within PAGASA's AOR and potentially a threat to the Philippines. Another consideration may be PAGASA's desire to assign a name when a system is first classified as a tropical depression. Since tropical and/or monsoon depressions can bring very heavy rainfall to the nation which often results in disastrous flooding, the weather service feels that assigning a name helps to enhance public attention given to a system. Beginning with 2001 PAGASA began using new sets of cyclone names. These do not all end in "ng" as did the older names. Four sets of 25 names will be rotated annually; thus, the set for 2002 will be re-used in 2006. In case more than 25 systems are named in one season, an auxiliary set will be used.

    PAGASA names
    2009 2010 2011 2012

    Auring Agaton Amang Ambo
    Bising Basyang Bebeng Butchoy
    Crising Caloy Chedeng Cosme
    Dante Domeng Dodong Dindo
    Emong Ester Egay Enteng
    Feria Florita Falcon Franko
    Gorio Gloria Goring Gener
    Huaning Henry Hanna Helen
    Isang Inday Ineng Igme
    Jolina Juan Juaning Julian
    Kiko Katring Kabayan Karen
    Labuyo Luis Lando Lawin
    Maring Milenyo Mina Marce
    Nando Neneng Nonoy Nina
    Ondoy Ompong Onyok Ofel
    Pepeng Paeng Pedning Pablo
    Quedan Queenie Quiel Quinta
    Ramil Reming Ramon Rolly
    Santi Seiang Sendong Siony
    Tino Tomas Tisoy Tonyo
    Undang Usman Ursula Unding
    Vinta Venus Viring Violeta
    Wilma Waldo Weng Winnie
    Yolanda Yayang Yoyoy Yoyong
    Zoraida Zeny Zigzag Zosimo
    Auxillary Names
    Alamid Agila Abe Alakdan
    Bruno Bagwis Berto Baldo
    Conching Chito Charo Clara
    Dolor Diego Dado Dencio
    Ernie Elena Estoy Estong
    Florante Felino Felion Felipe
    Gerardo Gunding Gening Gardo
    Hernan Harriet Herman Heling
    Isko Indang Irma Ismael
    Jerome Jessa Jaime Julio

    So the next typhoon would be named Quedan. Incidentally, the present typhoon named PEPENG is so huge that some monickers have named it PEPENG MALAKI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlreyes View Post
    ...Incidentally, the present typhoon named PEPENG is so huge that some monickers have named it PEPENG MALAKI.
    LoL! Sabi ko na nga ba't hindi kumpleto ang post ni bossing dlReyes kung walang pahabol na hirit tulad nito sa dulo.

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