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Thread: pls suggest good/affordable place to stay in baguio

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    pls suggest good/affordable place to stay in baguio

    guys can you recommend any place to stay or good hotels in baguio? mga 6 kami planning to go on a weekend, wag yung sobrang high-end, hehe, yung tama lang tapos accessible, mga ka price range ng hotel veniz or lower, yun pa lang kse napuntahan ko dun... thanks in advance!

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    Php 9++ yung isang gabi -- pero last year, 3 days and 2 nights kami, Php 2+++ lang binayaran ko.

    free breakfast pa!

    Accessible sya kasi malapit sa Burnham Park. Sa may Kisad Road lang sya.

    Look for Mrs. Norma Caccam.

    or, look in this thread:

    Place to stay sa Baguio na mura

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    For our last 3 trips to Baguio, we stayed at Baguio Vacation Apartments (my dad saw their ad on the newspaper).

    The place is fully-furnished. Pwede kayo magluto, or mag-BBQ sa labas. Last time we went there, a 2-bedroom, 5-bed apartment costs around 2.5K/day. Ok naman yung place yun nga lang it's not that accessible. Medyo outskirts na siya ng Baguio.

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    okay ba sa teachers camp? coz we're going to baguio next week and we'll stay there.. never been to teachers camp..

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    Teachers' camp has may offers, from double decker beds to single units.
    It is near session road and mine's view. They have inexpensive rates.
    If you are taking a bus, why not stay at la brea inn? it's 1k a night, and it's in the middle of downtown session road. But they don't have any parking for guests.

    I haven't stayed at teachers' camp but I think you'll enjoy it because of the big place. It's quaint, will make you feel the good old Baguio.

    Here's a link:

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